Who is Pacific Motors?

Let’s paint a picture.

You woke up this morning, put on a pot of coffee, and went to the bathroom to get ready for the day. You returned to the kitchen, grabbed the coffee pot, and poured a cup of coffee into your mug. You went to put the pot back onto the burner when… whoops… &@(&#)!&$! The pot has shattered all over the kitchen floor, there’s coffee rolling down the basement steps, shards of glass are bouncing off of the cupboard doors, and you still haven’t even turned off the snooze button on your alarm. Time to regroup.

Fast-forward to the weekend. You haven’t had a cup of coffee at home for three days and now you finally have time to fix the problem. Saturday afternoon, you hop into the car and run to some department store to look for a coffee maker, or coffee pot, or anything really that will solve the problem. Twelve minutes into wandering, looking for the small appliance or kitchenwares section, you see your neighbor from down the street. And his name is Andy Dufresne. Really.

Andy says, “Hey, Red, what’s shaking?”

You chat for a minute. Weather. Sports. Zihuatanejo. Whatever.

You explain your predicament, shards of glass and all, and Andy has news. He’s got roughly the same coffee maker, from maybe 3 years ago. A birthday present, he thinks. From his aunt. He thinks. Anyhow, it’s sitting on a shelf in his garage because the cord got frayed and he never got around to fixing it because he has no idea where he keeps the damn electrical tape. You can drop by later that evening and grab the coffee pot, no problem – he’s never going to use it anyway.

You tell him, “It’s no big deal, I’ll just grab a new coffee pot. This one looks fine. I mean, it’s white. And I sort of dug the black one, but, whatever. It’s only $30.”

Andy looks at you for a minute. His jaw starts to lower, as if he might say something. He sort of shakes his head and blinks a couple times. Is he having a stroke?

“Red, are you stupid?”

“Whoa, Andy… what do you mean?”

“I’m telling you that I’ve got you covered. Free coffee pot. Practically no effort. It’ll work as good as the day you last used it. And you say ‘No thanks, man, I’ll just drop a bunch of cash on something I could get for free even though I’d never know the difference’. Really. Are you stupid?”

Putting it like that… Well. Yeah, Red, you’re stupid.

So, who is Pacific Motors? We’re Andy Dufresne. Your common-sense dispenser.

We’ve been dismantling cars since 2009, and getting better at it every day. Every single part which comes off of a car we’ve handled is a wise investment.

  • Our used OEM parts cost obscenely less than you could pick them up for new (We’re talking 50-70%, here. Do the math.)
  • Our parts reduce the amount of waste in the world (You know that feeling you get when you scrape half a plate of food into the trash can?)
  • Be honest. You don’t care one bit whether the part under the hood or in the door or in the dash is new or used. The only thing you care about is whether or not it serves its purpose. Does the starter start the car? Yes? Good. Does the Seat Belt properly retract? Yes? Good. Does the wood trim on your dashboard look pretty and shiny? Yes? Perfect. Everything else in your car is just about as used as the part you get from us. We’re maintaining your car’s equilibrium, here.

Let’s get a little less abstract for a minute.

We focus on Luxury, European, Sports, and Exotic Vehicles. We purchase totaled cars, which usually have a very narrowly focused area of damage. We dismantle the vehicle down to a bare shell and examine, categorize, photograph, and store the parts worthy of reuse. You see, when a car gets rear-ended, you know what usually happens to the Front Bumper?

Nothing. Nothing happens. The thing is perfectly fine. But if we don’t pull it off and reuse it, it ends up in a scrap heap or shredded or otherwise ruined for all of eternity.

On top of all of that, we also happen to be a decent group of people who care about the work that we do. We’re honest, helpful, and hard-working. And above all, reliable. The things you may think of when you hear the work “junkyard”… Sloppy. Disorganized. Careless. Rude. Filthy. Forget them. That’s not us. We’re here to help.

So, please. Take a moment and browse our inventory if you need a part. And if you don’t need a part right now, please leave us a comment or send us an email, because we’d still like to hear from you.

So until next time, happy trails.