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Pacific Motors Anti-Junkyard Warehouse Retail Shelf

What is an “Anti-Junkyard”?

For Pacific Motors, this is an existential question. Answering this amounts to defining ourselves and defining an industry. It involves addressing common perceptions and misperceptions that the average person simply does not have the time to consider – much like most of us don’t have the time to figure out whether or not George Washington actually cut down a cherry tree and refused to lie about it (Spoiler: He didn’t). But unlike George Washington’s childhood, this question has immediate consequences. For us, of course. But also for anyone who might at one point or another need to repair a car. So, let’s hold off on answering that question for a moment, and we’ll answer one of the underlying questions first. What is a junkyard? Obviously, […]

BMW i8 Wreck Crash Total Cement Truck

Here’s What Else Happens When a Cement Truck Falls on a BMW i8…

At 8:40 am, in the course of an altogether innocent morning commute, amidst the wintry, February hell of Southern California, one oblivious Cement Mixer and an unwitting BMW i8 had an unexpected interaction at the Newport Coast Drive off-ramp on California State Route 73. Unbeknownst to the participants, and 2,300 miles away in Detroit, Pacific Motors was carrying on as if nothing on earth of consequence was about to occur. Instead, this proverbial butterfly of an auto wreck flapped its wings, and Pacific Motors would never be quite the same. The wonderful people over at Jalopnik decided to report on the aforementioned incident and what happens when a cement truck falls on a BMW i8. While Andrew P Collins did a bang-up job of detailing […]

How to know which type of Used Replacement Engine you should buy for your Vehicle

Maybe you purchased a car with a bad engine for a great deal… Maybe someone hit the front of your car and cracked your engine block… Maybe you finally decided to change the oil all by yourself and then forgot to put the drain plug back in… Doesn’t matter. You like your car, and now you need an engine. So you find yourself shopping for an Engine. You begin to come across terms you’ve never heard before. You start to notice a significant level of complexity, don’t have the time to do a ton of research, and can’t make heads or tails of what exactly¬†various companies are trying to sell. On top of that, you’re dealing with a garage and a mechanic and only partially […]